Special Needs Evacuation

Some members in our community may have difficulty if directed to evacuate. Individuals with medical conditions limiting their mobility or others disabilities that limit their ability to respond to an evacuation order may need special assistance. Some of those who need assistance may not have family members, friends or caregivers to assist them in an evacuation. For these individuals, the City of Wichita Falls is expanding its registry of individuals who may require assistance in an evacuation.

Unlike the threat of hurricanes that threaten our coast, threats that could cause an evacuation in Wichita Falls do not give warning. When a threat requires an evacuation, our First Responders will be very busy responding to the threat. As events allow, they can respond to the locations identified in the registry. Assistance from first responders is another layer of protection but should not be the first option an individual or family relies on to respond to an evacuation.

When individuals identify themselves, they will receive a form requesting detailed information concerning the special circumstances of the individual. This form is to be mailed to the NORTEX Regioanal Planning Office. This information will be treated confidentially and used to assist first responders.

Once individuals identify themselves as needing assistance during an evacuation, this information is entered into a data bank that can alert first responders to their presence. As time allows, first responders can respond to make sure individuals have evacuated.

This registry is not for individuals who are capable to self-evacuate or who have family members or others who would assist during an evacuation. This is for those individuals who are not able to evacuate.