Eat Well

"Looking for healthy restaurant options? Check out Eat Well!"

Eat Well is a restaurant recognition program that helps adults and children make healthier food choices by identifying menu items that meet nutritional guidelines. Restaurants can play an active role in the health of the community.


The restaurant may have a second menu, menu insert, or have it display. Just ask the staff for their approved Eat Well menu.

  • We utilize the Nutritionist Pro Software to evaluate records to determine which means meet the established healthy nutritional criteria guidelines.
  • Qualifying menu items receive the Eat Well designation
  • Restaurants are authorized to use the Eat Well logo for advertising (i.e., new menu, menu insert, menu stickers).
  • Restaurants will have access to the Eat Well Program team for recipe inquiries, including tips on making a recipe healthier without sacrificing taste.
  • Look for the logo at participating restaurants when ordering.
  • All proprietary information will remain confidential.


  • Viable Business Opportunity: Increased access to health-conscious customers (new and current) who have dietary restrictions but still would like to support their favorite restaurant.
  •  Market trends reveal that consumers prefer healthier products and support socially responsible companies, putting your businesses in a prime position to empower individuals to make healthier choices and encourage the consumption of healthier foods.
  •  Free publicity/marketing about Eat Well-approved meal options.
  •  Across the nation, local governments have already begun implementing ordinances to regulate the nutritional content of restaurant offerings.
  •  This trend will likely continue throughout the United States as healthcare costs and obesity rates rise.
  •  Restaurants will benefit from a proactive approach to address these issues before the law requires it.
  •  Consumers are beginning to expect nutritional information for all food consumed, and restaurants may benefit from having this information available.
  •  The Eat Well program will assume responsibility for the accuracy of the nutritional information based on the recipes submitted. This limits the burden on restaurants.
  • Eat Well allows the opportunity to identify/create a business-friendly solution for the obesity crisis. The best part of the program is the numerous benefits provided to consumers. Concern about their health will create goodwill and invaluable word-of-mouth promotion.