Bulk Waste Service

bulk waste

Bulk Pay Load Service: How it works!

Initial Trip Charge: $32.00
Plus Loading Fee: $3.00 per minute

Residential and commercial service units may request curbside bulky waste collection service from the Sanitation Office at 940-761-7977. 

All waste materials must be placed at the curb or at a location as approved by the Sanitation superintendent and at least five feet from any horizontal obstruction as well as 13.5 feet from any vertical obstruction.  

Examples of waste material collected:

(1)  Bulky waste.

(2)  Home furnishing or furniture items such as chairs, tables, couches, and mattresses.

(3)  White goods or appliances such as washers, dryers, and stoves.

       - White goods must be separated from other waste to allow pickup by a collection vehicle equipped with a mechanical boom and grapple. The vehicle must have safe clearance for its operation, both lateral and overhead clearance.

(4)  Construction and demolition debris such as carpet, padding, dismantled fences, sinks, and commodes.