Utility Billing and Collection Division

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Citizen Self Serve

Residents can now monitor and control their utility accounts by signing up for Citizen Self Serve. Once on the site follow the prompts, click on Self Serve, then Register and you can sign up for FREE. By using Citizen Self Serve residents can:
•Monitor their account 24/7
•Monitor their utility usage
•Make Payments
•Set up new accounts

Receiving Utility Bills by Email

To receive Utility Bills by email please contact the Utility Billing Office at 940-761-7414.
Utility Payment Options
There are several ways to pay Utility Bills. See which one will work best for you. Utility Payment Options


Utility Billing and Collections is responsible for customer services including: new customers, billing, meter lids missing, and new service line connections. For questions please call 940-761-7414.

The division also handles turning on/off water utility orders, the reading of water meters, establishing new service, billing for water, sewer and refuse, collection of payments and arranging for a field inspection.

How to Establish Service

To establish a water account, customers can fill out an online application here or stop by the Utility Collections office at 1300 Seventh Street to make a deposit. Identification is required on new accounts to protect the customer from someone else establishing an account in his/her name. A representative can establish the account by using their own identification and providing copies of the responsible party's identification.

Service Deposits

Residential deposits are $100.00 for single-family dwellings. Multi-family dwellings are $75.00 per unit when served by one meter. Minimum business deposits are $110.00 for businesses with low water usage. Sprinkler meters $75. Other business deposits are calculated based on comparable business use applied to current rates for water, sewer, and refuse

Residents Water Rate Questions Answered

To learn more about water rates, surcharges and how these will be affected now that the drought has ended please read the Water Rate FAQ's. These will help answer any questions you may have.

Watering Restrictions (Year Round)

The City of Wichita Falls enforces the following year round watering restrictions:
●No watering with Sprinklers from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
●No operation of irrigation (watering) systems that have broken components or leaks.
●Spray irrigation cannot run down the curb for more than 50 feet.
●Bubbler, drip or soaker irrigation cannot run down the curb for more than 5 feet.
●If washing vehicles at home, the hose must have a positive shutoff nozzle.
●Hand watering can be done anytime.
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