Body Art Apprentices

A body art apprentice is a person who is engaged in learning and working in the profession of body art under the direct supervision of a sponsor, and who has a written agreement with the sponsor providing for their training. 

A sponsor is a licensed body art operator who is approved to conduct apprenticeship training in accordance with this article and who assumes full responsibility for any apprentices. No body art operator shall sponsor more than two apprentices at any given time. 

When performing body art, an apprentice will clearly identify themselves to the client and the client’s parent, managing conservator or guardian if the client is a minor, and shall have the client sign a written statement demonstrating the client’s awareness that the body art procedure will be performed by an apprentice. 

tattoo-artists apprentice

Apprentices must have one of following licenses in Wichita Falls:

  1. Apprentice Tattoo Only
  2. Apprentice Piercing Only
  3. Apprentice Tattoo and Piercing

Apprentices must also follow the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District's Training Program.