Are there restrictions on my land?
In some cases, there may be two areas of regulation that need to be considered. First, many residential subdivisions have deed restrictions that set out specific “do’s” and “don’ts” within a certain neighborhood. Deed restrictions are not enforced by the City; however, they are enforceable by private means through the courts. Deed restrictions are generally filed with the County under the subdivision name. Second, most every parcel of land within the City of Wichita Falls will fall under one of 14 primary zones. Examples of zoning districts are: Single-Family Residential, Limited Commercial, General Commercial, and specialized zones such as the River Development District. Each zone has a list of permitted uses and uses that are allowed by the approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Each zone also establishes the developmental requirements such as building setbacks and height limitations. If a certain use is desired, but not permitted within a certain zone, a request for rezoning may be an option under certain conditions. Inquiries about land use and zoning can be made to the Planning Division.

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