How long does a visit take?
Anywhere from 2-4 hours.

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1. What diseases do I report?
2. Under HIPAA regulation, can I, as a MD, release medical records of a private patient without signed consent?
3. How do I go about reporting?
4. I thought my medical records were private and confidential?
5. Who told you about my “condition”, it is none of your business?
6. If after hours I need to report a common disease what do I do?
7. My child has been sent home from school (daycare) for lice several times. Can you do something about this?
8. My daughter’s friend was diagnosed with an condition. Does she need to be concerned?
9. One of my co-workers has Hepatitis C and we work in a food establishment. Can he be working?
10. What types of insurance do you take?
11. Does the Clinic do sick visits?
12. How long does a visit take?
13. Do I need an appointment for the Sexually Transmitted Disease clinic?
14. If I have something, why can't you just give me the medicine?
15. What is the cost of the STD clinic?
16. How long will my visit take?
17. What will you be testing me for?
18. Can I pick up my results?
19. I've been raped. Can you test me?