What am I allowed to carry on to the aircraft?
In August 2006, the Transportation Security Administration issued new regulations regarding the amount of liquids, gels, creams and lotions that may be carried aboard the aircraft. TSA instructs passengers to think “3-1-1.” Any liquids, gels, creams or lotions should be in a 3 ounce container or smaller, all such containers must fit comfortably in a 1 quart clear zip top bag, and you are allowed one bag per passenger. This includes items such as lip gloss, mascara, hand sanitizer, etc. This does not include any liquid medication or other medical related items. Please visit the TSA website https://www.tsa.gov/travel.
Passengers will be asked to remove their zip top bag from carry on bags prior to inspection for separate screening at the checkpoint.

If flying out of Wichita Falls, you are encouraged to inquire with the TSA officers at the ticket counter about any items you may be unsure are approved for carry on. This will allow you the opportunity to place any unapproved items in your checked bag or return them to your vehicle. This will also speed up the screening process at the checkpoint.


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