Which Neighborhoods will be Part of the Program?

The first neighborhood selected as part of the program is the Central Wichita Falls Revitalization Area. This area includes properties south of Seymour Hwy., east of Kemp Blvd., north of Kell Fwy. W. and west of Brook Ave. The area was originally identified by the City Council and staff as part in the City Council’s 2019 Strategic Plan.  Key factors such as the number and current condition of housing; housing affordability; potential for commercial business expansion and revitalization; availability of adequate public infrastructure led to its selection as the initial revitalization area.  The future revitalization of the area also took on increased importance with the passage of the bond to build two new high schools in 2020 as the future use of the Wichita Falls Old High property will play a significant part in the revitalization efforts for the area.

As efforts for this initial neighborhood begin taking shape, additional neighborhoods will be added to the initiative.

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2. Which Neighborhoods will be Part of the Program?
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