What is the Downtown Property Maintenance Code (DT PMC)?

The property maintenance code in the greater downtown area is intended to be applied only to non-residential properties that comprise the greater downtown area.

The PMC seeks to reach and maintain property compliance by:

  • Ensuring Building Security
  • Safe Structural Elements of the Building (such as exterior walls, balconies, porches, signs, 
  • Doors and Windows are repaired and able to be secured
  • Roofs Free from Defects and Drain Properly

 The ordinance consists primarily of Chapter 3 of International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC) which guides exterior maintenance of a structure. Although the International Property Maintenance Code in its entirety regulates many other aspects of property maintenance, the focus from previous recommendations and input has been primarily on exterior maintenance for the downtown area. The included IMPC sections cover areas of property maintenance that are not covered in current City ordinances and regulations. 

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1. What is the Background for the Ordinance?
2. What is the Downtown Property Maintenance Code (DT PMC)?
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5. What Sections of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) apply to the Greater Downtown Area?
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