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Junior Police Academy Application

  1. Wichita Falls Police Department Junior Citizen Police Academy Application
  2. Please review your application carefully and read the statement below before continuing
  3. *****Priority will be given to kids who have not yet attended the Junior Police Academy*****
    I/we hereby certify that all the above answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and there are no willful misrepresentations or omissions. I/We understand that any falsifications will be grounds for denying participation in or removal from the WFPD JPA. I/We understand that the goal of the WFPD JPA is to educate students only and not to train anyone to be a police officer. I/We understand the importance of attending the full session and abiding by the rules of behavior as outlined in this application. I/We understand that the Wichita Falls Police Deapartment will conduct a limited background check on the applicant. I/We will not hold the City of Wichita Falls, or any person or entity associated with the WFPD JPA liable for any injuries or accidents associated with the WFPD JPA.
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