Vision 20/20

Vision 20/20

The Vision 20/20 Plan has been prepared by City Planners, staff, citizens, City Leaders and consultants in order to develop a strategic plan to to prepare for the economic impact of possible job losses at Sheppard Air Force Base due to base realignment.

Preparing for the Future

The plan provides strategies for diversifying the regional economy, guiding development, addressing community image, revitalization of the downtown area, enhancing the City's ability to compete and incorporating existing plans related to these efforts.
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The Vision

 Economic development goals and strategies must be driven by a clear vision that directs community resources and guides decision making. The vision for Wichita Falls that provides a framework for this plan is the following vision statement:

 "A vibrant regional center attractive to talent and


Goal One: Develop, retain, attract and engage talent
Goal Two: Diversify and grow the economic base
Goal Three: Promote and enhance Wichita Falls as a place of quality

Master Plans

 Vision 20/20 Wichita Falls
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Includes: Defense Diversification Plan, Downtown Plan and Local Plan (Parks Plan)
 Wichita Falls Downtown Master Plan and Local Update 
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Defense Diversification Documents

 Final Defense Diversification Plan Report
Final Defense Diversification Appendices 

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