Wichita Falls Radio Control Club

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Join the Fun and Excitement of RC Flying!

The Wichita Falls Radio Control Club utilizes the Lake Wichita RC Airpark as their home airfield. The park is maintained by the City of Wichita Falls and the club.

Contact Us

  1. President

    Tony Breyen
    P: (940) 733-2803

    Vice President

    Steve Chandler
    P: (940) 631- 0854


    Matt Kirk
    P: (940) 886-6299

    Safety Officer

    Bill Perry
    P: (940) 631-7310

    Club Meetings every 4th Tuesday
    of each month.

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Why try radio control flying?

1. Tremendous fun for the whole family.
2. Develop great friendships with fellow flyers.
3. Sharing your skills and time with the next generation of RC enthusiasts.
4. A very affordable hobby...spend as little or as much as you like.

Ironman Fun Fly

The yearly tradition of flying during the first day of the year was tremendous thanks to great weather. Join the members and visitors as they bring in the New Year by taking to the skies.

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Learn to Fly

Everyone is invited to take the controls of a special training aircraft and soar the skies for FREE. Learn more

Weather and Additional Links

Get weather reports from NOAA and USAIRNET, view hourly surface wind maps, enjoy excellent stories from the Academy of Model Aeronautics and more from our Links Page.