Can the Grease

For Information on the “Can the Grease Program”, please contact Wastewater Collection Rehabilitation at (940) 723-5573.

can the grease

NEVER pour FAT, OIL or GREASE (F.O.G.) down the drain. It can cost you:

  • TIME
F.O.G. clogs drain pipes under your home and under city streets. Mixing F.O.G. with soap and hot water DOES NOT keep it from hardening in drain pipes. IT WILL EVENTUALLY CLOG YOUR PIPES OR CITY PIPES, causing a backup and expensive repairs.

F.O.G Includes:

  • Butter-Margarine-Lard
  • Cooking Oil-Shortening
  • Grease from Cooked Meats
  • Food Scraps

What to do:

  1. Pour the F.O.G in a can
  2. Cool it
  3. Wipe remaining oil from pan, throw paper towel away
  4. Keep the can in the refrigerator until full
  5. Throw in the trash 

F.O.G Clogged Drains Cause:

  • A Health Hazard - untreated sewage on the ground
  • Contamination of drinking water supplies
  • Destruction of property - backups in basements
  • Destruction of infrastructure - sewer lines have to be replaced before their useful life is used up
  • Eventual regulatory violation and enforcement with possible fines leading to increased service fees

Your Help is Needed

Communities across the country are battling F.O.G. and the great financial burden it places on them. Here are some informative videos describing what you can do to help.

F.O.G. down the drain is money down the drain!