Civil Service

Police and Fire and Rescue

What is a Civil Service Department?

The City of Wichita Falls' Civil Service Department includes employees in Police and Fire positions who provide safety services to the public and who are hired and promoted based on competitive testing.


Effective April 7, 2005, the Firefighters' and Police Officers' Civil Service Commission of the City of Wichita Falls adopted Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code. The adoption of Civil Service Rules and Regulations primarily affects members of the Fire Department and Police Department.

These Rules and Regulations can be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page.


Commission Meeting: 
The are no Commission meetings at this time

Hearing Notices:
There are no notices at this time.

MORE INFORMATION:  Questions regarding civil service testing or records should be forwarded to the Civil Service Director, Christi Klyn, at 940-761-7633.

Civil Service Documents

Now accepting Police Department Candidates. Apply at:

A Personal History Statement AND application must both be completed prior to testing