Bus Amenities

FallsRide is committedIMG_0087 to improving the passenger experience and the relationship between the facilities and the passengers served. FallsRide strives to provide clean, modern, well-kept buses in our fleet. Both the interior and exterior of the buses are cleaned every week. Amenities include bus stops, bus shelters, benches, and trash cans. All buses offer free Wi-Fi so passengers can keep their lives moving, while FallsRide keeps them moving.

Bus Shelters:

FallsRide transit bus stop shelters significantly improve the public transportation experience by providing passengers with a safe and comfortable waiting area and protection during inclement weather. Bus stop shelters are generally located along all bus routes.

Bus Stop:

FallsRide transit bus stops are strategically located throughout the area, making transit more accessible, comfortable, and convenient for all passengers. Each stop is clearly marked with the distinct FallsRide transit bus stop signage.  Each of the bus stop signs indicates the bus route that is picked up at that particular location.


Passengers can post, tweet, connect, and follow – all while traveling to their destination. Writing the next great novel or finishing that last-minute homework assignment can be a breeze while traveling with FallsRide. Passengers can stay connected as they travel using the complimentary Wi-Fi, available on all buses at no charge.