Utility Service Rate Table

What Charges are on my Water Bill?

Your water bill consists of not only your water charge but also charges for other services. The costs include your Water, base meter, sewer, sanitation, tax, and stormwater. Residential Water is billed on a tiered scale, while Commercial Water is billed on a flat scale.

How Water is Measured for Billing

100 Cubic Feet = 1 Consumption

1 Consumption = 748 gallons

Water Connection Application Deposits

Single-Unit Residential Meters - $100.00

Duplexes, Apartments, Mobile Home Park Meters 

  • Each unit or Occupiable Space - is $75.00
  • Minimum - $110.00

Business, Commercial, and Industrial Meters

The estimate of a two-month bill is $110.00 minimum

Special-Purpose Meters (e.g., Yard Sprinklers, Pools) - $75.00 per service connection

Utility Bill Example

Utility Bill Ex final

How to Calculate the Residential Water Charge on Your Bill
Take the base rate of the size of your meter and add consumption usage based on the rate chart below.
For example: 
5/8 Inch Meter= $18.91 plus Consumptions, which if you used 5 would = 2 consumptions @ $3.82 plus 3 consumptions @$4.00 = $38.45
Meter Size Cost + Consumptions = Total Bill

For Consumption

The rates per 100 cubit feet for single-family units and multi-family 
units up to four units shall be at an inclining block rate.
First 200 Cubic Feet of Water $4.01
Next 800 Cubic Feet of Water $4.20
Next 1000 Cubic Feet of Water $4.40
Next 2000 Cubic Feet of Water $4.81
Next 2,000 Cubic Feet of Water $5.08
Next 6000 Cubic Feet of Water $5.39

Specific use meters installed for lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, and other nondomestic uses will also be billed at the above mentioned inclining block rate.

Reilly Road Water Fill Station Customers

Residents Per Thousand Gallons of Water
City Residents $7.42
Non-City Residents $14.84 
Non-Resident Service Fee $27.56 per month

During the first and last billing cycle in which an account is active, the minimum monthly bill shown in this section shall be prorated for the number of days the account is active; the prorated daily charge shall be based on a 30-day month. The amount charged in the first and last billing cycle for water consumed and the prorated minimum bill shall not exceed the charges for the same amount of water in a full billing cycle.

The current rate structure for raw water retail customers inside the corporate city limits is as follows:

Raw Water Retail

Minimum bill, per month $19.75
Volume charge per 100 cubic feet for consumption $0.58

Retail treated and raw water customers outside the corporate city limits will pay two times the above rates.

Residential and Commercial Base Rates

Meter Size (New) Minimum Base Rates
3/4 Inch $19.75
1Inch $39.99
1 1/2 Inch $73.74
2 Inch $114.24
3 Inch $208.78
4 Inch $343.80
6 Inch $681.35
8 Inch $1,207.94
10 Inch $1,883.19

Sanitary Sewer Charges

The Charge for sanitary sewer rates shall be determined by water consumption. For each residential user, the monthly sewer charge for each billing from April through the following March shall be the same and based on the average monthly water usage billed in the preceding months of January, February, and March.

For all Retail users except residential users, the monthly sewer charge shall be based on the monthly water usage billed in the same month.

Sewer Rates
Minimum Bill (0 Consumption)$7.91
Volume Charge Per 100 Cubic Feet$1.84

*New Sewer Service Rate (Monthly Minimum)

Retail User  Non-Residential Residential
$8.31 per full billing cycle $1.93 per 100 cubic feet Based  upon the average winter month's feet of water

Water Rates for Wholesale Customers

Category Per 1000 Gallons Per 100 Cubic Feet
Treated Water Transmitted (TWT) N/A $3.9246
Raw Water Only (RWO) $0.6441 N/A

Note: 100 Cubic Feet = 748 Gallons