Barking Dogs

If you are bothered by an excessively barking dog in your neighborhood, consider speaking with your neighbor before reporting the nuisance. Work cooperatively with your neighbor to look for patterns of when the dog is barking to help determine the cause. Most pet owners want to be good neighbors and will take steps to correct the problem.

If excessive barking continues, you may file a complaint with Animal Control by calling 940-761-7824. You will need to provide an exact address of where the animal(s) live.

Our officers will attempt to make contact with the owners at their residence. We will provide information to the owner on ways to help with excessive barking. If we are unable to make contact, the owner of the offending animal(s) will be given a handout with recommendations on how to keep the animal from creating a noise disturbance. They will also be required to present proof of rabies vaccination and city tag within 10 days of our making contact with them in person, receiving the notice of violation, or citations could be issued. Your information will not be shared with the animal owner.

If you continue to experience excessive noise violations after receiving this response and want to pursue this matter further, you may complete the attached time log and witness statement and turn these documents, along with any audio/visual evidence, into the Wichita Falls Municipal Court. Upon review of the information, a citation may be issued. Please be aware that any court proceedings will require your testimony and that of any other witnesses. In addition, you must be able to identify your neighbor in the court of law.

 We have attached a sample barking dog log and two optional courtesy letters for your use, and directions on how to to file evidence and start the process. Please be aware that noise complaints may be subjective, and habitual barking complaints are more substantial if supported by more than one neighbor.

Barking dog