DBE Goal Update

Amount of Goal

The City of Wichita Falls' one-year goal for Fiscal Year 2024 (October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024) is 8.2% of the Federal financial assistance we will expend in DOT-assisted contracts with DBE contractors. The City of Wichita Falls has no projects identified for a three-year scope of work beyond 2024, and FY 24 is dedicated to a Master Plan update. As a result, the DBE goal is for the Master plan update. The scope of this work will fall under a single FAA Entitlement grant.

The City of Wichita  Falls requests approximately $675,000 in FAA Entitlement funds for a Master Plan update at its Wichita Falls Regional Airport facility. The FAA-assisted contract amount is as follows:

  • Fiscal Year 2024: $675,000

Based on the proposed DBE one-year goal of 8.2%, the City of Wichita Falls has set a goal of expending a combined $55,350 in Federal funds with DBEs for the Master Plan update for the 2024 fiscal year period. The City of Wichita Falls estimates it will obtain 8.18% from race-conscious measures and 0.02% from race-neutral measures.


The City of Wichita Falls anticipates the award of one contract that will utilize federal funds during the period covered by the overall goal. The following is a summary of the method used to calculate this goal.

Market Area

The data used to calculate the DBE base figure was derived using information collected from the United States Census concerning State of Texas Business Patterns (NAICS) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) DBE Category Listings. The method used to establish the base figure is determined by dividing the total DBE firms in the local market area by the total of all firms (both compiled according to the relevant NAICS project codes), and then weighting those percentages to reflect the funds spent. The weighted percentage figures were calculated by our airport managers. These numbers reflect the portion of the funds that are estimated to be spent on that project. Because Wichita Falls has limited construction capabilities and many of the previous subcontractors have come from other areas within the State of Texas, the local market is defined as the State of Texas. During the course of the last eight years, over 90% of the total contractors, including DBE contractors, were located in the State of Texas.