The Grease Trap Program

In the fall of 2003, the City Council of the City of Wichita Falls passed City Ordinance 62-2004 requiring all food service establishments, food serving facilities, and certain other facilities to install and maintain Grease Traps or Grease Interceptors to alleviate the growing problem of grease blockage caused sewer overflow.

Grease Trap Permit Application

You may download the Application for a Grease Trap Permit.  You will need two (2) copies of this permit when visiting the Health District.  You must also obtain a Food Permit before the Grease Trap Permit can be issued. You will need to bring three (3) copies of this form with you when applying for your permit.  

Grease Trap Permit Fee


In addition to the Grease Trap Fee, grease traps are also regulated under the Industrial Pretreatment Program which prohibits the discharge of Fats, Oils, or Grease (FOG) in excess of 500 mg/l. Any permitted establishment that has FOG in excess of this amount is subject to both surcharge fees and possible loss of permit for this excess. 

If you have any questions at all regarding the Grease Trap program or have any questions regarding this ordinance, please feel free to contact us at (940) 761-7822.