AVERAGE Daily Traffic Counts


Traffic counts can be a valuable tool for many purposes. The City uses traffic count data for traffic engineering and planning purposes. This data can also be helpful to land developers and retail businesses to determine how to best identify and serve potential costumers.

Traffic Counts

The city's most common method for compiling a count uses the Nu-metrics NC350 lane counters. These counters are temporarily installed in a travel lane to collect data for a 24 hour or 1 week period. The data collected includes the number of vehicles, vehicle type, and vehicle speed.



If you would like the latest traffic count for a certain street inside the City of Wichita Falls, you can make your request by email to the Traffic Department at penny.whitley@wichitafallstx.gov. We will try to accommodate your request for a new traffic count as repair or maintenance work allows.

Please provide the following when requesting a traffic count:

  •  Location for needed counts
  •  Reason for needing counts
  •  Your contact information


Below are links to a map of traffic counts for state right-of-ways within Wichita County. It is provided as a courtesy. If you would like the latest traffic data for State right-of-ways, you will need to contact the Texas Department of Transportation at (940)720-7700

TxDOT - Wichita Falls District 2016 Saturation Counts (Base)

TxDOT - Wichita Falls District 2016 Saturation Counts (Supplemental)