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January 9, 2023 11:27 AM

Stage One Drought Watch in Effect

Wichita Falls, Texas- As of January 9, 2023, the combined lake levels of Lakes Kickapoo and
Arrowhead have fallen below 65%. According to the Wichita Falls City Drought Ordinance, that
level has put into effect the Stage 1 Drought Watch.
Watering hours are now restricted to the following:
Even numbered addresses can only water on Monday and Thursday.
Odd numbered addresses can only water on Tuesday and Friday.
The allowed hours on the designated day are from Midnight to 10 am or 7 pm to Midnight.
Hand-held hose, soaker, and dripper irrigation are exempt from the above restrictions.
If a home is served by a water well, it is required by law to be registered with the City of Wichita
Falls Public Works Office. An online form is available at wichitfallstx.gov or you can call (940) 761-
Water customers can also register a free account on the City’s MyH2o and track residential or
commercial water usage. You can access that service by clicking here.
Log onto wichitafallstx.gov for more information on business restrictions, and follow us on social
media for the latest updates.

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