Fun Stuff for Kids Stuck at Home

Fun Stuff for Kids Stuck at Home
Whaddya mean there’s nothing to do? 

WFISD schools will remain closed through May 4, after which time there will be a review regarding reopening depending on the state of the pandemic. Online school continues through their school@home platform. Lessons continue to be developed in two-week increments with updates being provided every Friday.

Children’s Activities

In the meantime, librarians at the Wichita Falls Public Library have been busy researching activities for kids to do while at home.
We’ve gone through the 100+ activity lists online so you don’t have to! The following is a list of Do-It-Yourself toys, games, and learning activities with links to full instructions. Each website has been checked, so there will be no dead links or redirects. Each list is in order based on the suggested age range (infant/toddler ideas at the top, school age and tween/teen ideas at the bottom. Most of the ideas require materials or ingredients that are already common household items. Take advantage of local and online shopping for any items you don’t have. Stay safe and keep learning!

DIY Homemade Craft/Sensory Toys 

Best for toddlers and young school-age children:

  • Making playdough from scratch! Includes How-to Video:
  • DIY Bath Paints:
  • Edible Sand (two options): and
  • DIY Moon Sand:

Sensory Play 

Best for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers:

  • Sensory Bins:
  • Sensory Bubble Wrap Road:
  • Cotton Ball Sensory and Motor Skills Play:
  • Fine Motor Skills Tape Activity:

Arts and Crafts 

In order from kindergarten crafts to older kids/teens:

  • Pipe-cleaner Finger Puppets:
  • Paper plate fish craft:
  • Folded Paper Bracelets:
  • Twig Boat Craft:
  • Cascarones (Confetti Eggs) for Easter:
  • DIY Suncatcher Craft (with how-to video):
  • Tape-resist Painting How-to:
  • DIY Photo Blocks (recycle craft):
  • Fall (or Spring) Egg Carton Wreath:
  • How-To Finger Knitting:
  • Bead Lizard Craft: Loom Weaving Craft:
  • DIY Duct Tape Wallets:
  • Recycled Water Bottle Wind Spirals:
  • DIY Wish Bracelets (includes how-to video):
  • Tin Can Lanterns:
  • Woven Paper Painting:
  • Beaded Safety Pin Crafts:
  • Upcycle T-shirt Tote Bags:
STEM Activities

In order from kindergarten crafts to older kids/teens:

  • “Sink or Float” STEM Activity for Toddlers:
  • Melting Ice Experiment:
  • DIY Catapult (two options): and
  • DIY Stomp Rockets:
  • Pool Noodle Engineering Wall:
  • DIY Cardboard Marble Maze:
  • DIY Marshmallow Shooters:
  • Newspaper Forts:
  • DIY Balloon Rockets:
  • DIY Rubber Band Powered Car:
  • DIY Lava Lamps:
  • Multiple DIY Kite Options: ; ; for older kids/adults:
Literacy and Learning Games

In order from kindergarten crafts to older kids/teens:

  • DIY Color Sorting Activity:
  • Number Path Learning Activity:
  • Early Literacy Letter Hunt:
  • Alphabet Maze:
  • Sight Word Easter Egg Activity:
  • Sight Word Pebbles (pebbles easily substituted):
Outdoor/Physical and Activities

  • Indoor Hopskotch: Use painter’s tape to set up a grid for hopskotch on any non-carpeted floor. Give the kids a small block or socks balled up, and let them have a blast. (
  • Outdoor Hopskotch Literacy (with setups for multiple levels of learning):
  • Balloon Pit: choose a small room or line up furniture to contain the “pit,” then blow up a pack or two of balloons and let them go wild.
  • Character Charades: Take turns re-enacting and guessing your favorite characters from movies, books, or even real-life people. You can make it easier for the little ones by imitating animals instead. Sounds are ok and encouraged! ( )
  • Water Balloon Toss: Yet another fun way to stay cool and burn some energy! See how far you can stand from your partner and still make the catch. There are no losers in this game, even if you miss you get a burst of refreshing water! ( )
  • Scavenger Hunts! Example at
  • DIY Sponge Water Bombs:
  • Outdoor stick maze:
  • Sidewalk Chalk Math Game:
  • Outdoor Activity “Obstacle” Course:
  • 100-Cup Challenge: