What is Required to Register a Vacant Structure?

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General registration requirements include: 

  • Address and legal description of property
  • Name/contact information of property owner/corporate entity
  • Contact information for local manager of the properties
  • Proof of Liability Insurance – minimum $100K or surety for value of the structure if insurance cannot be obtained
  • Plan of Action Form (form provided by the City) - detailing timeline for correcting violations, rehab, maintenance (while vacant) and future use of the structure
  • Complete floor plan of the property for use by first responders
  • Completed annual interior inspection by Development Services Department
  • Criminal trespass affidavits filed with WFPD & “No Trespass” placards posted on property
  • Written notice to the Director within 30 days if ownership or
  • Contact information of either owner or designated property manager change
  • Registration required until structure is occupied and in compliance with City Codes/Ordinances


Vacant structures will be required to register annually with the City until the structure is occupied and in compliance with the ordinance.


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