We keep Wichita Falls moving Forward

  • Fleet Maintenance maintains and repairs all equipment owned by the city.  This includes mowers, police vehicles, fire trucks, and trash trucks.
  • There are 772 road registered vehicles in the City's fleet, 1009 non-road units (small equipment, landfill equipment, etc). In addition, there are 175 roadway units that are repaired and maintained for Wichita County. 
  • Fleet Maintenance continues to sell its used vehicles and equipment on the GovDeals website. 
  • Fleet Maintenance has also been expanding the use of GPS systems for the City's equipment in an effort to improve driver operations and fuel consumption. 
  • In 2017, staff delivered 64,360.50 gallons of diesel and unleaded from its fuel truck operations to equipment in the field.
  • Fleet Maintenance added a new covered area for two cars or trucks with hand held sprayers and new vacuum cleaners.
  • Fleet Maintenance is responsible for the inspection process for taxicabs, wreckers, and chauffeur permits.
  • Fleet Maintenance provides repair and maintenance service to several Wichita County agencies. 
  • Fleet Maintenance continues a fueling agreement by providing diesel and unleaded gasoline at reduced prices with local Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • Small Engine repair and maintenance shop was approved  in the FY 2015 budget.
  • This new facility has greatly improved Fleet Maintenance ability to make repairs in a timely, efficient, and safe manner for our customers.
  • Fleet Maintenance continues to work closely with wildlife personnel from Sheppard Air Force Base to address bird strike issues at Sheppard/Wichita Falls Regional Airport.


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