We keep Wichita Falls moving Forward

  • Fleet Maintenance maintains and repairs all motorized equipment owned by the City. This includes mowers, police cars, fire trucks, and trash trucks, just to identify a few types of equipment. In addition to vehicle repairs, Fleet Maintenance also provides welding support for all internal and external customers. 
  • In early 2022 Fleet Maintenance along with Finance Hired a consulting firm to study the best practices for the fleet. This includes asset replacement cycling, fleet readiness, fleet utilization, equipment to tech ratios, and right sizing the fleet to name a few. Fleet Received portions of the findings late 2022 and currently are going through this information to formulate an action plan to implement some of the changes recommended from this study. 
  • Fleet Maintenance continues to sell its used vehicles and equipment on the GovDeals website and by annual live auctions.
  • In 2022 Fleet Maintenance averaged 7,087 work orders for all equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Fleet Maintenance supplies approximately 397,385.51 gallons of unleaded fuel and 501,092.89 gallons of diesel fuel to its customers annually. In addition, fuel is delivered to remote locations to support field operations. In 2022, staff delivered 80,272.35 gallons of diesel and 11,104.70 of unleaded gasoline from its fuel truck operations. The three of the fire station-based diesel tanks also supplied 16,257.46 gallons of fuel.
  • Fleet Maintenance also performs the meter inspections and franchise oversight for taxi companies, staff continues to conduct background checks for each taxicab driver and issues chauffeur's permit, according to City ordinance. This saves the customer time and simplifies the process by providing a single location for this service. In addition to taxis and wreckers, staff also inspects all the commercial waste vacuum trucks that normally dump waste at the City’s River Road Wastewater location.
  • In 2022, Fleet Maintenance took the specs that were approved through cooperation with the WFFD fire department and placed the order for the 8 Fire Engines, 2 Aerial Ladder trucks, 2 Squads and a Rescue unit. These units are expected to start arriving late 2023. 
  • Fleet Maintenance also provides repair and maintenance service to several Wichita County agencies, such as the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office.
  • Fleet Maintenance continues a fuelling agreement by providing diesel and unleaded gasoline at reduced prices with local Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • During the winter months, Small Engine staff performs complete rebuild of every mower in the City’s fleet. In addition, the Small Engine shop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Wichita Falls Police Department’s motorcycle fleet and all the small pumps, saws, and PPV fans for the Fire Department. Staff has received formal factory training on the repair and maintenance requirements of these motorcycles, reducing downtime for this law enforcement equipment. 
  • As part of its Welding shop duties, staff began constructing bus shelters in-house in late 2021.  This work will save the Public Transportation Division approximately $4,000 per shelter, and it will greatly improve the long-term durability of the bus shelters because of the heavier materials that will be used. In 2022-2023 the staff has constructed and installed numerous shelters in various locations in the city. 
  • Fleet Maintenance continues to work closely with wildlife personnel from Sheppard Air Force Base to address bird strike issues at Sheppard/Wichita Falls Regional Airport.


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