Lakeview Cemetery


4300 Southwest Parkway
(Behind Kiwanis Park)
Wichita Falls, Texas


Lakeview Cemetery is an 11.5 acre facility with 2250 burials since it opened in 1927.


In 1927 the City of Wichita Falls purchased 80 acres of land on the south side of town and designated 11.5 acres as Lakeview Cemetery. The remainder has become Kiwanis Park.

Lakeview is well known for the African American community leaders who are interred there. Some of the most prominent are Zenobia Trimble, who has a Texas historical marker placed on her grave; Otis C. Polk Jr.; and C.E. and Gwendolyn Jackson. One of Wichita Falls’ longest lived citizens, Mary Washington, is buried there. She lived to be 107.