Residential Solid Waste Collection 

Trash Collection

The trash collection schedule is based on your location in relation to Kell Freeway:

North of Kell Freeway

Pickup days are Monday and Thursday

South of Kell Freeway

Pickup days are Tuesday and Friday

If you are unsure of your pickup day please call (940) 761-7977.

Trash Collection Holidays (click here)


Sanitation Department Trash Tips

 Trash containers should be out for pick-up no later than 7:00 a.m. on your assigned trash collection day. Trash cart placement

  1. Place your container at the curb clear of power lines and tree limbs with the wheels of the cart facing toward the house. This placement will facilitate the proper dumping of the container and lessen the possibility of damage to the truck or container.
  2. If there are low hanging tree limbs near the area where you place your cart for service please make sure the limbs are trimmed to the 12' level required by city ordinance. This will allow the automated vehicles to complete service without damage to the truck or container.

Residential Fees         

Minimum Monthly Fee (2 times per week):
Alley Dumpster
 Curb Cart
Carry-out :
 10-50 feet
 50-100 feet
 Over 100 feet
Recycling Container Fee (1 time per week):
                    (Not collected during holidays)